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Wendy and I thank you for your excellent service in selling our home. We got 3 offers over asking and only 1 week after it went on the market. You did all the right things, and your language skills was a great help. You have such a nice personality and you are intelligent and thorough. 

Thank you again, and we hope to see you again. We had fun!

Art & Wendy

You are a miracle worker!

The beautiful, talented, most effective real estate executive in the Valley. You accomplish incredible results while keeping us informed daily and giving us complete confidence in everything you do.

How can we thank you... maybe remind you "not to forget to smell the orchids!"

You are a miracle worker!


Your talents are beyond anything we had expected

Ben and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the outstanding job you did while selling our home. One doesn't expect to make friends while selling their home, but I believe we did just that. In trying times when you are moving away from all the friends you have known for the past 17 years, it is odd that we should make another one just before we leave, but we did.

You did an excellent job while working with us and your talents are beyond anything we had expected. You were a pleasure and joy to work with. We had always heard what a horror it was to sell a home but because we were fortunate enough to work with you it turned out to be enjoyable.

We are sure you will go on to sell many more homes in the area and become not only top salesperson of the year but of the entier Santa Clara Valley!

You can be assured that wehen we get ready to sell a home again we will cal on you.

Ben & Carol Ballard

You are a superior Model Real Estate Professional.

I want to express my sincere thanks for your Diligence and Professionalism in the marketing and sale of my Cupertino home. There is no question that when I chose you to represent me that I made the right choice.

Your attention to details together with your organizational skills, communications, keeping me fully appraised at all times were very much appreciated. You are a superior Model Real Estate Professional. 

I will be happy to recommend you without hesitation to anyone. You are the Best!

Bob Lee

The most professional and engaging realtors I have ever worked with

I have bought and sold houses in 5 states and can easily say that Mary and George Tan are the most professional and engaging realtors I have ever worked with, and they also produced the best results. Most notbably, their years of experience in our market allowed them to take advantage of insight and subtleties in judgment that make an enormous difference in how well a property is priced, staged, marketed, negotiated, and sold. We relied on their judgment always, and also enjoyed every meeting.

Mary and George are gracious, warm, and caring, while never missing an opportunity to share some worldly wit. They clearly enjoy their work, enjoy people, and love the community they serve so effectively. I can highly recommend them to all.

With great respect.

Brooks Fisher

Personal Attention

Dear Mary,

We want to thank you for everything that you did for our family these past few weeks. We were especially surprised by the personal attention that we got from you. The process that we were very nervous about went very seamlessly thanks to your advice and guidance.

Best Regards!

Chaya & Madhukar

Great Asset

Dear George,

It has been a great pleasure working with you these past few weeks. Your ability to combine old world ethics with new age technology is a great asset to your team and your clients. Thank you for helping our family take our first exciting step towards our dream home.

Best Regards!

Chaya & Madhukar

Wonderful Experience

Thank you so much for representing us to sell the house on Medina Court. It was a wonderful experience to work with both of you.

What a great team you are!

I'd like to thank you for your patience during the time I was trying to pack and move. Your efficiency made it so smooth. I appreciate it! My puppy Apollo says "hi" to you!

Warm Regards.


Effective Communication

Thank you for all you did as our agent in selling our home on Bubb Road. You worked very hard both in marketing our home and in helping us to successfully get through our escrow. You did everything that should be expected of a real estate agent, usually before we could ask. I particularly appreciate the effective communication you maintainted with us throughout the process.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Doug Card

Your made us feel as though your time was our time

We are expressing our appreciation for your efforts in selling our house on La Paloma Drive in Cupertino. We particularly appreciate the effective communication you maintained with us throughout the transaction. The guidance you provided was excellent which indicated your knowledge of the current housing market in the area.

You will be remembered for your calm and cheerful attitude that made us very comfortable working with you. Most of all we will always remember you as a very professional and courteous person. Your made us feel as though your time was our time and we never felt as if we were being rushed into making a decision.

We feel very fourtunate that you were our representative. It was such a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you!

Ed & Rose Rheam

Your knowledge, patience, outstanding customer service, and good humor made this sale a very pleasant experience.

We won't repeat all the adjectives that others have expressed in their pleasure in dealing with you, except that we agree with all of them. It had been 21 years since we sold our last house and found that this process had changed considerably, and that potential snags and pitfalls were numerous. Your knowledge, patience, outstanding customer service, and good humor made this sale a very pleasant experience.

Jim, Carol, Sue & Abbey Marble

Effort & Attention

Congratulations to you both as well on a job exceptionally well done. We've said it before, but the way you both treated us has been incredible. We are so grateful for the effort and attention you gave us and we're thrilled with the outcome. We will of course recommend you highly and without hesitation!

Kenny & Rachel

I have not forgotten your chocolate!

Dear Mary,

I have not forgotten your chocolate!!!

I would like to thank you for the job well done. It was a pleasure meeting you and you really did everything you said you would do and it impressed me.

I wish you and your family all the BEST!!!

Best Regards,

Kwon Lau

Kwon Lau

Professionally Market Your Home

Anyone thinking of selling property in Cupertino must give the Mary Tan Realty Team of Coldwell Banker a call. They will professionally market your home with the care and respect your home deserves. Mary Tan and George Tan are Realty professionals with the skills needed to get your home world wide exposure on the internet with a virtual tour of your home. Then arranging private tours and an Open House where everyone is invited to view the home first hand.

They have a winning formula of marketing tools that get your home on the market, and before you know it there is a sold sign on the front lawn. Our home sold in 8 days as is!

Thank you Mary and George. You're the best!

Lillian Cotter-Heslop

Sharp negotionation skills

Steve and I just wanted to thank you for our outstanding work in selling our home in Cupertino. We were amazed to have received eight offers after having the house on the market only one week and we know it was all attributed to your utmost professionalism.

Your great advice on staging our home (ie. we loved the beautiful items you brought in), your pricing strategy, your knowledge of Feng Shui, your ties to the community, your quick wit, your wonderful sense of humor and your sharp negotionation skills; not only in English, but in 3 other foreign languages were all a great benefit in working with the buyers and buyers' agents in making the sale.

We had a great time working with you Mary. Please keep in touch.

Lisa & Steve Wang

Caring, support and kindness

Well, now that our lives are becoming a bit more settled, we reflect on the amazing home selling experience only to realize it was all made more joyful because of you . It's not a matter of how you are a professional, because that alone is of the hightest integrity, but the caring, support and kindness makes the process so personalized. We made the best choice to have you as our realtor. You are very special and we will not forget all you have done. Wishing you a prosperous year filled with all your personal hopes coming true.

A Million eight hundred eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred, eighty-eight, and one thanks!

Marc & Susan Roth

We admire you!

Thank you for not only being our realtor, but also our good friend. The more we get to know you, the more we admire you! Take care and we'll stay in thouch!

Mary & Mike

Extremely skillful during negotiations

Thank you so much for selling our Cupertino home! We were very impressed with your professionalism, honesty, and experience. We were awed by the exacting care you took with all the many little details - accomplishing everything with speed and accuracy - an Olympic performance! Most of all, you were kind, thoughtful and never exasperated by our questions.

We went through the selling process once before. It was exhausting! Months of cleaning, waiting and hoping. We much prefer your methods: three weeks (yes three!!) from Realtor tour to closing! You arranged everything - the inspections, the appraisal, the escrow company. You staged thrings beautifully for the open house and dealt with the whole process while we were on holiday. By the Tuesday after the open house weekend, we had six offers in our hands!

You were extremely skillful during negotiations. You personally knew all of the realtors involved and remembered talking to each of the potential buyers at the open house. From this knowledge you were able to judge which buyers would be interesed in negotiating a rapid sale. Not only did we close two weeks later but the deal was far more lucrative than we expected. You kept us well informed throught the closing process.

We will highly recommend you to any of our friends contemplating buying or selling their homes. Thank you again and good luck!


Max Allen & Jingli Wang

Well you've done it again!

Well you've done it again! You have sold another home for us, and at a time when the housing market was not moving. Mike and want to thank you so very much. We appreciated your review of our house and advice for preparing it prior to showing. You were so organized in getting the house inspections done quickly. The realtor's tour and open houses were well attended. You always followed up with other realtors who showed the house to their clients.

When we became nervous about the changing market, you were realistic and still reassuring. We knew you were constantly working to make sure we got maximum exposure and multipe buyers!

We were so happy to see our 'For Sale' sign come down last Saturday, whereas the others on our street are still up!

Thanks Mary. We couldn't have done it without you!

Mike, Mary, Steven & Laurie Cox

#1 Listing Agent

Dear Mary, 

Congratulations on achieving the status of #1 Listing Agent for the month of August for the Cupertino office. Your successes this month are a testament to your hard work and professionalism. The level of excellence you have displayed to achieve this recognition, is outstanding. Your are truly an asset to the Coldwell Banker team and it's a pleasure for me to applaud your triumphs.

Warm regards.

Rick Turley |
President – San Francisco Bay Area Coldwell Banker


Thank you for your help when we were buying/selling our home.

No let's make that THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

We knew you were the agent for us when we first met you. Your character and professionalism is what immediateley clicked for us, and we felt an instant comfort level as though you were an old friend! Even though we know you had other clients, when we interfaced with you we felt as though we were your only client! Once we bought our house, we saw you excel in taking care of what needed to be done as you managed all of the big and little details; wow you were awesome!

We love our new home and as we continue to unpack, we think of you often, knowing that without you as our agent, we probably would not have gotten our dream home. Your knowledge of the area, arranging schedules so that we could view the property quickly, putting an offer together and presenting the offer in a timely manner were instrumental in our getting the home of our dreams! You are so humble and we know that you will say you are only doing your job. Since we are a working couple, it eased our minds knowing that you were on top of things for us!

We really enjoyed working and talking with you as you kept us updated on all of the many activities. We even went through some withdrawal pains once we settled into our new home and didnt' hear from you! It was so sweet of you to call us the first day to see if there was anything else you could do for us!

You have a special place in our hearts. Don't be surprised if we show up at one of your open houses to say hi.

Rose & Doug Herda |
Stacie, Courtney & Skippy too!

Energetic personality and compassion for her clients

I am writing you to express what a pleasure it has been working with Mary Tan. Mary is an exemplary individual who was invaluable in helping my wife and myself through the stress of selling our home. I am sure we were not the easiest of clients, yet Mary was always there to ease the frustration and treat us as friends.

Mary should stand above the rest of the agents for her energetic personality and compassion for her clients. Although selling our home was her "job", it always seemed to be more than that to us and we always felt special. She definitely serves as a model for realtors everywhere. I will, without hesitation, continue to recommend Mary to all of my friends and family for their realty needs.

Stephen Werner

I cannot begin to tell you how important you were to me in the sale of my house

This message is deeply from my heart.

I cannot begin to tell you how important you were to me in the sale of my house in Cupertino. I had a most unusual situation. I have lived in my home for 27 years. In that time, we had accumulated a huge amount of "things".

I was home alone and had to prepare the house for sale by myself while working a lot. I don't think I could have accomplished this without your sympathetic support. Early in the cleanup process, when the house was still a mess, you would come over and say, "Ted, what a wonderful job you are doing." As I got close to completing the house preparation, and it began to look reasonable, I humorously say out came the whip and you began to point out what I needed to do to complete my effort.

In the end, we successfully completed the house preparation. You recommended that we use stagers and that added to the sale price of the house. In conclusion, I want to say how much it meant to me to work with you. Many months of hard work paid off in the sale of the house at an unbelievable price.

Ted Zimmerman

Very high opinion of your capabilities, experience, and professionalism

Thank you so much for your help today. Your professionalism was evident throughout the walk-through at our Stanford campus home. You quickly noticed a number of very useful things we could do to improve the salability of the home.

Your thoughtfullness and insights were very helpful as we were looking at houses on campus. You quickly linked our needs and our taste to the most appropriate houses. Your eye for the important features of a house was as unerring as we remembered.

We are particularly grateful that you gave us all this help on a complimentary basis, since the Stanford institutions for housing sales don't involve brokers or agents. When you helped us sell our Cupertino house a few years ago, you moved it so quickly. We called back to ask your opinion of how we could improve the salability of our current home because of our very high opinion of your capabilities, experience, and professionalism in that transaction, a high opinion that was only reinforced today. It is our intention to recommend your services to all our friends and colleagues, fully believing that you will help them in either purchasing or selling a home as much as you have helped us in the housing market over the years.

Timothy Bresnahan & Lenis Hazlett |
Professor of Economics (Stanford) & Consultant (Palo Alto)

Wealth of Experience

Now that the transaction is all complete, Vijay and I want to thank you for your tremendous job in selling our home! We are very happy with the way in which you helped us and guided us every step of the way! And to cap it all, thanks solely to you, you got us a price that was 10% more than our wildest dreams!!

There are so many things about you that we think made the transaction a success – from your wealth of experience in helping to showcase the house to giving us daily updates on the progress of the sale. You were thorough in all your work, never missing a detail.

Mary, we are so glad that we decided to appoint you as our Real Estate Agent. Your success in your job is very well deserved! It was our pleasure to work with you and to get to know you. Again,thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With our deepest gratitude and respect.

Vijay & Bhavini Kamarshi

Professionalism and Courtesy

Vlad and I have had a good fortune to meet a few truly professional people throught our lives. Without exaggeration, among them, you stand out! You have worked diligently on the Cupertino house sale, referencing prospects, making inquiries, and negotiating the contract. We will remember your calm and cheerful service as much as we appreciate it. Professionalism, courtesy - those words go very well with the name Mary Tan.

Thank you and good luck in all your future endeavors.

Vlad & Ludi Novotny

By far, the best Realty Team we have ever worked with!

We are very happy with the results! You are, by far, the best Realty Team we have ever worked with! Every stage was done with great care, responsibility and professionalism. 

Multiple offers after the very 1st Open House! We are impressed by your experience, your negotiation skills, and more importantly, your strive to get the best results for us.

Than you very much for your hard work!

Ying & Yi Wu |